Netflix pretty much changed the way we watched television forever. From the days of mail out DVDs through its first evolution as pretty much an online movie store, up to the content producer and distributor it is today, just about everything we now see as normal in how we consume movies and entertainment at home started with Netflix.


One of the biggest changes that it brought about was the ability to binge-watch new content. Previously, on linear television, you had to wait week-to-week to watch new episodes of a show. The only way to binge was to wait until the show was released on DVD as a box-set many months after the show had finished its television run.

Watercooler conversations changed from talking about last nights episode, to imploring colleagues not to spoil anything as you were three episodes behind. People would take a day off work and demolish their favorite show in one sitting.

Recently Netflix has been taking some hits. After standing over the streaming space like a colossus, untouchable even buy the might of Amazon, suddenly everyone wants a piece of them and rival streamers are everywhere, from Apple to HBO Max and Paramount+.

So in an effort to fight back they are already introducing a cheaper, Ad-supported option. They are also now thinking of changing the binge model.


Puck News says the change is being considered for some of their biggest shows, and will mean they arrive weekly, rather than all at once. Amazon Prime and Disney+ already follow this model and it is said to have delivered benefits. More chatter online, less subscriber drops and increased exposure around premium shows.

Netflix has tried splitting seasons, such as with Stranger Things Season 4, and the numbers and online engagement were through the roof.

So it looks like the writing is on the wall. Binge Cobra Kai while you can!

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