AMC+ has premiered the full-length trailer and announced a January 14th premiere date for “Monsieur Spade,” their new Clive Owen-led neo-noir crime drama that hails from multiple creative legends and co-creators Scott Frank and Tom Fontana.

Frank broke through as a writer of celebrated films like “Minority Report,” “Out of Sight,” and “Malice” before writing/directing two acclaimed Netflix series – “Godless” and the massively successful “The Queen’s Gambit”.

Fontana was a writer/director on “Homicide: Life on the Street” before he went on to create HBO’s “Oz”. More recently he was showrunner on Showtime’s “City on a Hill”.

The six-episode series serves as something of a decades-later follow-up to Dashiell Hammett’s iconic novel “The Maltese Falcon” with Owen as hard-boiled private detective Sam Spade previously played on screen by Humphrey Bogart.

The year is 1963, and the legendary Spade (Owen) is enjoying his retirement in the South of France. By contrast to his days as a private eye in San Francisco, Spade’s life in Bozouls is peaceful and quiet.

But the rumored return of his old adversary will change everything. Six beloved nuns have been brutally murdered at the local convent.

As the town grieves, secrets emerge, and new leads are established. Spade learns that the murders are somehow connected to a mysterious child who is believed to possess great powers.

Cara Bossom, Louise Bourgoin, Denis Ménochet, Stanley Weber, Chiara Mastroianni, Jonathan Zaccaï, Rebecca Root and Matthew Beard also star whilst Alfre Woodard and Dean Winters guest star.

The show is co-created, written, directed and executive produced by Frank whilst Fontana. Barry Levinson, Teddy Schwarzman, Michael Heimler, Clive Owen, Caroline Benjo, Barbara Letellier, Simon Arnal, Carole Scotta, Carlo Martinelli, and David Helpern all executive produce.

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