85-year-old “Total Recall,” and “Basic Instinct” filmmaker Paul Verhoeven is showing no sign of retiring and now appears to have settled on when his next film will shoot.

Speaking with Metrograph, Verhoeven confirms he’s currently prepping to hopefully shoot his new political thriller “Young Sinner” sometime this year, a project that would mark his first American film since “Hollow Man” back in 2000.

He confirms he’s re-teaming with his “RoboCop” writer Ed Neumeier on the Washington, DC set erotic thriller that was originally rumored to start filming this past Fall until the strikes saw major delays happening.

He tells the outlet the project is akin to a “more explosive” and more commercial version of his 2006 thriller “Black Book”. He explains how the project came to be:

“I’m working with Ed Neumeier, who wrote RoboCop. You could say it’s a political thriller, if you want, situated in Washington. The last couple of years I’ve been working in France because I couldn’t find something interesting here at that time.

But Ed came up with a really interesting proposal. For two years we have been working on the screenplay. It should be done in two months and then we can find out if someone can finance it.”

Neumeier and Verhoeven also worked together on “Starship Troopers,” and the director suggests we can expect the pair’s trademark darkly comic political satire touches:

“If you see us working basically, it’s often just laughing. We laugh at our own satire that we bring in, not because we want to bring it in – it comes from our conversation. It just pops up.”

The film is tipped to follow a young woman who works for a powerful Senator and is drawn into a conspiracy. The project is aiming to use minimal effects, and has hired a former intelligence officer to consult.

Verhoeven also says he’s open to return to the big budget sci-fi genre if he can find a script good enough: “If someone were to give me a script like ‘RoboCop’ or ‘Total Recall,’ I wouldn’t hesitate to do that. I haven’t seen it.”

Verhoeven’s last film was 2021’s “Benedetta”.

Source: Indiewire

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