Sony Interactive Entertainment has cancelled a planned live service reboot of its “Twisted Metal” video game franchise reports Bloomberg.

The title is one of several that have reportedly been cancelled alongside this morning’s announcement of plans to lay off about 8% of PlayStation’s global workforce.

British game developer Firesprite, one of the companies impacted by the layoffs, was working on the title which was in early development and had not been greenlit yet.

Following outgoing exec Jim Ryan’s note to staff about the layoffs, Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst indicated Sony opted to cancel several games in development – that includes “Twisted Metal” and Sony London’s planned live service title.

The PlayStation maker previously made huge investments into the games as a service model – titles designed to be monetized over a long period of time.

However, live service games have fallen out of favor as the market has become oversaturated, leading to numerous high-profile flops amidst the few success stories.

Even those successes have proven to be unexpected, such as with Sony’s own “Helldivers 2” this month which beat pre-release expectations and has had issues with server capacity due to the title’s popularity – especially on PC.

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