Both a DC Comics adaptation and a western, “Jonah Hex”, released in 2010 and to this day remains one of the worst-reviewed comic book films of all time.

Everyone has taken a dump on that film, including its leading man Josh Brolin whilst out promoting his role in “Dune: Part Two” opening this week.

The actor tells GQ magazine that fourteen years later, he has no plans to quit slamming the movie, saying: “I won’t ever stop s—ing on ‘Jonah Hex‘ because it was a s—y f—ing movie.”

Brolin then revealed he and the film’s director Jimmy Hayward ‘recently reconnected’ and the filmmaker even “apologized for his part in the mess”.

In fact, Hayward revealed he has bone cancer and has had surgeries: “It reminded me [that] you can’t just keep s—- on somebody. I don’t know what the f— is going on in his life. I mean, total facial reconstruction, the whole thing.”

Previously, Brolin revealed Warner Bros. Pictures gave him only two weeks to hire a director for the film, and he later came to realise Hayward was just too inexperienced. Then the studio took it over and things just went from bad to worse.

Ultimately, the movie made just $11 million at the worldwide box office from a production budget of $47 million and, to this day, remains mostly a forgotten-about DC dud.

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