Elordi Replaces Garfield In “Frankenstein”

Australian actor and “Saltburn,” “Priscilla” and “Euphoria” star Jacob Elordi will replace Andrew Garfield as Frankenstein’s monster in Guillermo del Toro’s “Dr. Frankenstein” film. Showbiz 411 broke the news, saying Garfield has had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with a lot of back-to-back projects on his plate including

Toho Approves Pink Godzilla Redesign

The first proper trailer release for “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” last month generated a wave of discussion, and a lot of it was about one thing in particular – Godzilla’s color makeover. The creature, whose atomic breath has been pale blue in his previous MonsterVerse entries thus far,

Verhoeven Talks His U.S. Filmmaking Return

85-year-old “Total Recall,” and “Basic Instinct” filmmaker Paul Verhoeven is showing no sign of retiring and now appears to have settled on when his next film will shoot. Speaking with Metrograph, Verhoeven confirms he’s currently prepping to hopefully shoot his new political thriller “Young Sinner” sometime this year, a project