Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino shocked everyone last week when he abruptly seemed to scrap what was to be his tenth and seemingly final film “The Movie Critic”.

The project, which aimed to film at least a handful of scenes this year to be eligible for a tax credit before its main shoot in 2025, is no longer and now a new article has gone into details as to why.

As previously reported, the film morphed into something of a “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” spin-off featuring Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth character.

Today, THR is reporting that previous rumors claiming Tom Cruise and Paul Walter Hauser could have a part are incorrect, as are other casting rumors like John Travolta and Margot Robbie.

Two new names that did emerge as having been up for parts are actress/filmmaker Olivia Wilde and actor/comedian David Krumholtz. She was likely up for a character based on legendary film critic Pauline Kael, his role was unknown.

What’s not clear is precisely why Tarantino shelved the movie, though one may be because he was toying with various ideas. Here’s a key excerpt:

“One [idea] was that the Hollywood-set tale could serve as a Tarantino goodbye meta-verse with the director’s earlier movies existing in the same era of The Movie Critic.

That way, Tarantino could bring back some of the stars of his earlier work to reprise their iconic characters in ‘movie within a movie’ moments or to play fictional versions of themselves as the actors who played those characters.

Another idea was that the film could include a movie theater where some characters could potentially interact with a budding future auteur – such as a 16-year-old Tarantino.”

With “The Movie Critic” now off the cards, it’s not clear what’s next for Tarantino whose name has been attached to various things – from an R-rated “Star Trek” to a third “Kill Bill” and more.

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