Toby Ascher, a producer on the “Sonic the Hedgehog” film franchise, says what many fans have been thinking – the upcoming third film in the series will be heavily inspired by the 2001 game “Sonic Adventure 2”.

Ascher, out promoting the “Knuckles” series on which he’s also showrunner, tells GamesRadar that everyone involved in the film’s making were keen to include elements of the games that inspired them growing up:

“[It’s] probably the most exciting thing that we’ve done in the franchise. It’s going to be this giant, fun, incredible movie that obviously takes a lot from Sonic Adventure 2 and some of the games that I know the core Sonic Team grew up loving.”

A title for the Sega Dreamcast, “Sonic Adventure 2” is a fan favorite that features the debut of Shadow the Hedgehog character who has become immensely popular in his own right since.

It was also the final “Sonic” game for a SEGA console and the first “Sonic” title ported to Nintendo (Gamecube). It introduced characters and elements used in later games and remains often ranked amongst the best of the games even as some have taken issues with it.

Recent reports suggest Keanu Reeves will voice the Shadow character in the film which will also feature Crush 40’s “Live and Learn” song which was in that 2001 game.

“Knuckles” actor Idris Elba was asked about the Shadow casting reports this week whilst promoting “Knuckles” and whilst he can’t confirm, he told Deadline he and his fellow “Cyberpunk 2077” castmate are fans of each other and are “destined to make something together”.

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