“X-Men ’97” released its first episodes yesterday with critics reviews not being published until launch. Does that mean it’s a stinker? Anything but.

On Rotten Tomatoes the series has pulled a perfect 100% score from 34 reviews. That makes it the best scoring work from Marvel Studios to date.

Ratings are similar high on Metacritic with an 82/100, the second highest score for a new series this year behind only “Shogun” on 85.

Many critics have often complained about nostalgia-bait and fan service done badly, as seen in the “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” reviews yesterday.

Not so the case here, with this series serving as a poster child on doing those things right and many calling it the best thing Marvel has done in many years. Here’s a sampling of quotes:

“The animated series is a throwback in the most ideal sense — so vintage, it comes all the way back around to feeling fresh again.” – Angie Han, THR

“The pace can be dizzying, but when rendered in the pleasantly throwback, neon-colored, two-dimensional style of the original, it’s also engaging. There’s no time for things to drag when the plot is this packed.” – Alison Herman, Variety

“A seamlessly connected revival season that reintroduces one of Marvel’s best superhero teams and reminds us just how damn cool those mutants are.” – Lauren Millci, Total Film

“A nostalgic revival of a beloved series that matches our idea of what it was like to watch X-Men when we were kids, rather than one trying to specifically ape any specific elements of that series.” – William Hughes, AV Club

“As Marvel’s first X-Men offering since reclaiming the rights to the property five years ago, this show is a welcome indicator of the franchise’s future. It’s not just good, it’s X-quisite.” – Zaki Hasan, SF Chronicle

“It’s worth the wait and worth viewing. It’s a perfect legacy sequel, which we all know is near impossible to do.” – EJ Morena, Flickering Myth

“Taking its cues from the original series, embracing the past, but ready to forge a path into the future, Marvel Animation’s “X-Men ‘97” is entertaining and dramatic and retains the vibrant spirit of the original series.” – Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist

The first season of “X-Men ’97” will run new episodes weekly through May 15th.

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