Throughout most of the Free World that is Christian, Easter is a long weekend. 4 days off work means plenty of recovery days for any Outposter who likes to raise a glass to celebrate the death and birth again of the baby Jesus.

However, if you live in a Corporate Dictatorship like the USA, then bad luck, and enjoy Monday at work.

“I wish I was Italian.”


How are you spending your Easter? Eating chocolate eggs, drinking yourself stupid, or quietly reflecting on the fact that we know for sure Jesus was a carpenter because he disappeared off the face of the planet for three days and nobody knew how to reach him?

Whatever you decide to do with the time off… or lack of it… we at LMO have your back. So here is an Open Thread for you to hang out with your fellow Outposters. You know the rules, nothing illegal, or too nasty. You know… use your judgment.

We wouldn’t want this to become some kind of “Last Supper” scenario now, would we?


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