Even at its absolute worst, Game Of Thrones was still better than 95% of everything else on television in its era. Now, a few years later, it remains better than about 75% of anything ever put on television in all of human history.

Because it was just so damned good, is that part of the reason why the final six-episode run attracts such spit-flecked vitriol from fans? Full-on rants. Disowning of it. Outright denial, and some saying they would never revisit the whole series because that finale simply ruined the whole thing for them?

Is this reasonable?

Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have a new project, the adaption of 3 Body Problem currently doing huge views on Netflix. Out doing the press for this, they arrived on the Happy Sad Confused podcast where they spoke about the backlash to the final season and said they were surprised the reaction was quite that strong:

“I think we knew it would be controversial; we hoped that it would be a little more 50/50 [even]. You hope for a better proportion of – we definitely didn’t want it to be quite so much hate – we were prepared for some of it, but, you know.

In the same podcast, they spoke about their favorite on-screen deaths from Game Of Thrones. The two they selected? Joffrey by poisoning in the fourth season, and Ramsay Bolton by having his face chewed off by a hunting dog in the sixth season.

“It was fun to go back to the old-fashioned joys of just killing off a really bad guy. It felt like it was balancing the scales a bit, so that was enjoyable.”

The first season of 3 Body Problem is on Netflix and Game of Thrones is on Max, if you aren’t boycotting it because you didn’t like the ending.

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