In the wake of the report in Variety last week about Marvel’s behind-the-scenes woes, filmmaker Nia DaCosta has defused one of the report’s most discussed blurbs with some straightforward logic.

The feature piece indicated that “The Marvels” director DaCosta began working on another film while “The Marvels” was still in post-production – specifically she went to the UK to prep her Tessa Thompson drama “Hedda”.

The phrasing, along with a quote from an alleged insider, criticised DaCosta for doing something that may not be that common, but is also not unusual in the film industry.

Speaking with Jake’s Takes today, she says multiple delays of the film’s release meant she did some of the film’s last bits of post-production work remotely whilst fulfilling her contractual obligations to “Hedda”:

“For me personally, it was literally just that they moved the date of the film four different times. So instead of it being a two-year process which I was deeply committed to, it became a three-and-a-half-year process.

So every time the date moved, and they knew the entire time that I had an obligation, a greenlit movie with people who are waiting for me.

I pushed that, and I pushed it again, and then I pushed it again, and then eventually we all knew like okay if this pushes again I’m not going to be able to be in L.A. to do the rest of this in person.

So we just figured out a way to like do it remote. We figured out the best process, and actually at the time that I left to go to London to start prep on my next film, everyone was so clear about what the film was, what we wanted, everyone knew what I wanted.

So it really wasn’t the dramatic sort of thing that I think people think it is. [That’s] a thing that happens quite a bit.”

DaCosta also spoke with Digital Spy about the film’s runtime which, at 105 minutes, is the shortest MCU film to date. She says she always “really wanted it to be under two hours” and that “there’s no need to have it long if you don’t need to”.

“The Marvels” is set to hit cinemas this Friday.

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