Back in May, the notable absence of any Naughty Dog titles from the PlayStation Showcase didn’t go by unnoticed. Since the release of “The Last of Us Part II” in 2020, the company had seemingly been at work on a multiplayer title set within that universe.

In a statement posted on Twitter afterwards, Naughty Dog said they were ‘incredibly proud’ of the job done thus far but were giving the game more development time.

A Bloomberg report that followed claimed the studio was reconsidering the long-term viability of the project and, though not cancelled, was allegedly scaling back development on it.

Now EuroGamer reports that Naughty Dog game director Vinit Agarwal has confirmed that he is “still working on that game” referring to “The Last of Us” multiplayer whilst posting the update whilst discussing his playtime with “Super Mario Bros. Wonder”.

Naughty Dog confirmed earlier this year they are also working on a “brand-new single-player experience” currently in the works which is widely believed to be “The Last of Us Part 3”.

There’s also believed to be a “The Last of Us Part II” remaster treatment on the way, whilst HBO will begin production on a second season of its TV series adaptation early next year for a premiere in 2025.

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