HBO has denied a report that Pedro Pascal has finished his filming commitments for the second season of its game-to-series adaptation “The Last of Us Season”.

The cabler tells IGN that rumors suggesting Pascal is done are “not accurate.” The report about the actor’s filming schedule originated from scooper DanielRPK.

The same report said that whilst Pascal was done, filming for the rest of the season wasn’t expected to conclude until August. Filming on the second season only began mid-February, Pascal finishing so soon seemed a stretch.

Similarly, the first season was shot over the course of a full year, so a decidedly shorter six-month shoot for a more ambitious and larger-scale story also seems unlikely.

Pascal had to pull out of shooting Zach Cregger’s new film “Weapons” due to his busy schedule and is expected to jump from “The Last of Us” second season to Marvel Studios’ “Fantastic Four” which aims to film in the third quarter of this year.

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