Japanese developer Pocketpair, Inc. released the game “Palworld” in early access last Thursday and already it has become a massive sensation along with attracting some share of controversy.

The game, which has been dubbed ‘Pokemon with guns’, is set in an open world populated with animal-like creatures known as ‘Pals’ which you battle and capture in order to use for base building, traversal, and combat.

IGN reports that according to its studio, in its first four days of early access the game has sold six million units. Not only that, but in the few days since its release, it has already become the second most-played game on the Steam platform.

Earlier today, the game hit an incredible 1,864,421 concurrent player mark – overtaking a record held by Valve’s own “Counter-Strike” to become the second most-popular game ever on Steam.

It’s only behind “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (aka. PUBG) which hit a peak of 3,257,248 back in 2018 during the days when battle royale games were booming.

“Palworld” is unlikely to hit that high, but it certainly could still go up from where it currently is. The launch has also proven controversial with Pocketpair reportedly indicating its staff have received death threats amid Pokemon “rip-off” claims.

The title is currently available via Steam and Windows, and on Xbox via Game Pass.

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