Ahead of his “Beetlejuice” sequel hitting in September, filmmaker Tim Burton is attached to direct a reimagining of 1958 indie film classic “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

“Gone Girl” author and Primetime Emmy nominee Gillian Flynn is writing the script for the feature which offers a new take on the original sci-fi cult classic.

Allison Hayes starred in the original as a wealthy heiress whose close encounter with an alien triggers her to grow into a giantess. This makes things complicated for her marriage which is already in jeopardy due to a philandering husband.

The film was a variation of other 1950s sci-fi films which saw people and creatures grown or shrunk to various sizes. Reviews at the time were fairly good with the movie having grown into a cult classic over the years.

A sequel was previously in the works but never went beyond the talks phase, but HBO did do a remake of the property in 1993 with Daryl Hannah starring and Christopher Guest directing.

Burton will produce the new film alongside Andrew Mittman and Tommy Harper.

Source: Deadline

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