Filmmaker David Fincher and Netflix have extended their deal, the famed “Se7en” and “The Game” filmmaker confirming his contract with Netflix has been re-upped for another three years.

Fincher revealed the news during an interview with Premiere Magazine (via FincherAnalyst). It continues a relationship that Fincher began with Netflix that started with the “House of Cards” remake in 2013 which he produced and directed two episodes of.

Having worked at Fox, Sony, Paramount, Warners and Polygram on his past films, 2014’s “Gone Girl” marked the last time he worked outside of the streamer. Since then he created and produced the series “Mindhunter,” “Love, Death & Robots” and “Voir” for the streamer along with the films “Mank” and last year’s “The Killer”.

So why does he keep coming back to them? Simple. Creative control:

“I don’t feel like I’m deviating from my previous approach when working with Netflix. I make them take the same type of risks that I have made others take in the past.

‘Fight Club’ was a huge risk. People lost their jobs because they agreed to produce this film. ‘Benjamin Button?’ People at the studio would read the script and go, ‘Oh, this movie will be like a big comforting hug.’ I clarified, ‘Yes, a big comforting hug about death!’.

He goes on to explain how that uncompromising and risk-embracing approach from him is what ultimately led to the end of “Mindhunter” after two seasons and Fincher understands the decision behind it:

“Maybe ‘House of Cards’ wasn’t a huge risk, but ‘Mindhunter’ was. A procedural on behavioral sciences that would be neither ‘X-Files,’ nor ‘CSI,’ nor ‘Criminal Minds,’ but would function as the portrait of a guy who loses his virginity in the world of psychosexual sadists?

We couldn’t complete the trajectory, but it was a gamble. An expensive series, too. Very expensive. We went as far as we could until someone finally said to us, ‘It makes no sense to produce this series like this, unless you can reduce the budget, or make it more pop, so that more people will watch it.’

We did not want to change our approach so, respectfully, they told us that they were drawing a line under it. That’s it: I always take a slight step aside from what is expected of me. Otherwise, I’m not interested.”

It’s not clear what Fincher will direct next, but whatever it is – you’ll know you’ll be able to find it on Netflix.

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