Around six years ago came a report that “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” writer/director Nicholas Meyer was planning a limited streaming series that would focus on the life of that film’s famed villain Khan Noonien Singh.

Ricardo Montalbahn starred as the character who was first introduced in the original “Star Trek” series episode “Space Seed” where he and the other crew of the Botany Bay – survivors from the Eugenics wars – were exiled to the planet Ceti Alpha V to start a colony.

The film then starts with Khan and his crew being found on the planet fifteen years later – the surface had become an inhospitable wasteland after the planet had shifted its orbit. They escape onboard the U.S.S. Reliant.

Meyer’s series titled “Star Trek: Khan – Ceti Alpha V” was to follow the events between the TV episode and film – showing his exile with his wife and other fellow augments.

This weekend Meyer offered an update on the long-gestating project which was previously retooled into a scripted podcast. Now he tells Portal 47 his plans have shifted again with it becoming a different kind of audio drama – and hopefully more if people like it:

“It’s now being worked as a radio play: nine or ten half-hour episodes. I guess the thinking is, if it is successful, then we go back to making it something on film.

This is a show, all I can tell you about it, and I have no wish to be indiscreet, that has a kitchen filled with cooks. Whatever timeline we had went out the window some months ago.”

Meyer wrote the podcast’s story and is an executive producer on the project. Whilst there have been a number of Star Trek audio productions in the past, they have primarily been audiobooks. “Ceti Alpha V” would reportedly be the first official scripted Star Trek podcast.

Source: Trek Movie

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