With a new DC cinematic universe on the way and the board being swept clear to remove the DCEU, it raised some eyebrows when Peacemaker appeared on the go-forward schedules. How can that be? DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn says not to worry, this won’t be confusing.

Max’s Peacemaker series featured Amanda Waller returning as a character and anchored itself in the DCEU when the Justice League turned up to assist in the finale, albeit late.

When the DCU kicks off with Superman: Legacy and the animated Creature Commandos next year, Peacemaker won’t be far behind. Asked on Threads if the second season of Peacemaker will be different, Gunn did not commit:

“You’ll have to wait and see how that works out!”.

Then he was asked why not just have it be a new show, he responded:

“Because it’s my favorite thing to do, it’s the biggest original Max show ever, and I have a way in. It won’t be confusing.”

At least he’s being completely open and honest. He is carrying ot forward because he wants to, because he likes it. It’s good to be the king!

Most of the cast of Peacemaker will return. Production is expected to start as soon as Gunn clears Superman: Legacy. Gunn did commit to one thing. The second season will have a new opening credits scene and it will be as “equally magnificent” as the one for season one.

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