Warning: contains spoilers for The Traitors series two episodes one to three.

It’s here. We’re in its midst. A dozen new episodes of the reality gameshow that sent everybody slightly doolally just before Christmas 2022 are now airing on BBC One. The Traitors and the Faithful are back in the castle, sniffing each other for clues while trying to sneak their way to the prize money and to the nation’s hearts/a stint of student nightclub appearance bookings in Freshers’ Week 2024.

Episode three ended with a cliff-hanger and the revelation that Diane and Ross aren’t strangers who’ve just met – they’re actually mother and son, but will they be able to keep that info quiet and use it to evade Banishment? And with the Banishment vote tied between Ash and Brian, who’s about the leave the castle? Here’s when we’ll find out…

When Does The Traitors Episode 4 Come Out?

The much-anticipated episode four airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday January 10 at 9 p.m. Episodes five and six will air at the same time on the following two nights, Thursday January 11 and Friday January 12, with each new ep available on iPlayer on the same night it airs on BBC One.

The first trio of episodes were made available to binge after episode one debuted on BBC One on Wednesday January 3 at 9 p.m., but now that we’re hooked, the BBC will drip-feed the remaining nine eps one by one, every Wednesday to Friday, with no iPlayer binges available.

The twelfth and final episode is due to air on Friday January 26.

What Happened in The Traitors Episode 3?

By the end of episode three, we still don’t know who’s being Banished or Murdered after a three-way tied vote between Ash, Brian and Diane, which led to a re-vote that left Ash and Brian’s fates hanging in the balance.

In previous episodes, Aubrey was the first Murder victim and Sonja was the first contestant Banished from the series two competition – both Faithfuls. Kyra was series two’s second Murder victim, making the group three Faithfuls down so far, with no Traitors revealed as yet. Ash’s pushy behaviour put her in the firing line in episode three and she might have been a sure fire goner were it not for Brian’s absolutely bizarre meltdown. Revisit that below.

The Traitors series two episodes one to three are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

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