Michael Mann’s new film “Ferrari” is now out in cinemas and hasn’t been performing great so far, even as reviews have been pretty good overall.

Mann has been out there hard promoting the movie. First up he spoke with the The Discourse about the long road to get the film made – a dream project of “The Insider” and “Collateral” filmmaker since the 1990s.

Mann says he tried to get the film going in that decade with the help of two other legends – the late actor/filmmaker Sydney Pollack (“Three Days of the Condor,” “Out of Africa,” “The Firm”), and acclaimed Scottish writer Troy Kennedy Martin who created the original “Edge of Darkness” and “Reilly: Ace of Spies” mini-series and wrote films like “The Italian Job,” “Kelly’s Heroes” and “Red Heat”.

Attempts were made again in 2004, 2008 and 2015 to no avail, mostly because Mann refused to make the cuts required to make it cheaper. It became possible only recently thanks to Italian film tax credits and plenty of funding through foreign presales. In addition, the box-office success of “Ford vs. Ferrari” showed racing dramas can be profitable at the box-office.

Deadline adds that STX was reportedly considering putting the movie direct to streaming through its Showtime deal. Ultimately they licensed it domestically to NEON so Mann’s film could get a theatrical release.

Earlier in the week he weighed in on the superhero fatigue talk, telling NME: “There are some studies that I’ve done within the industry… people are kind of getting tired of superhero movies and are becoming more interested in pictures like Heat if you like.”

He also spoke with Letterboxd, who asked him his four favorite films – he lists “Battleship Potemkin,” “The Asphalt Jungle,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and “Avatar”.

“Ferrari” is now out in cinemas.

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