A week ago came the news that Netflix is set to produce “The One Piece,” a full-on remake of Eiichiro Oda’s iconic manga and anime series “One Piece”.

The new take hails from WIT Studio (“Spy x Family,” “Attack on Titan”) and aims to recreate the story starting all the way back with the East Blue Saga.

The news has raised concerns in the fandom, including Hiromi Ishigami – the animation director of “One Piece Film: Red” – who has expressed concern about the remake.

In a recent posting on Twitter (via CBR), he reportedly said:

“It makes me feel a little sad that the value of the anime that we have built up until now seems to be diminishing.”

The comments suggest the new adaptation would somehow devalue the ongoing “One Piece” anime that began in 1999 and has been running ever since with well over 1,000 episodes and over a dozen animated films.

In a follow-up posted shortly after, and after fans voiced their love of the original anime, he added:

“I’m very happy that so many people from other countries have told me that my narrow-minded views are not like that! It’s a warm world here, where everyone takes care of both the work and the staff members.”

New and softer character designs for the original series by Toei Animation series were unveiled on Christmas Eve on X. The new style will begin with the Egghead arc – the first story arc of the Final Saga.

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