According to Amazon at least, the second season of “Reacher” has already been a massive smash hit for the service – even as the eight-episode run is only halfway through airing.

The second season adapts Lee Child’s “Bad Luck and Trouble,” in which Jack Reacher tries to uncover who is killing members of his former U.S. Army unit – reuniting with his former teammates who are still alive.

We already know that the show has not only been renewed for a third season, but is already in production on that season. However, what we don’t know is which of the novels is being used as the source material for the new run.

In a recent interview with, series star Alan Ritchson offers a hint – saying the next run won’t be delving into Reacher’s past the way the second season did, instead it sounds like they’re using one of the more standalone books:

“I can’t say too much about Season 3, but I will say there’s a lot of classic Reacher stories which are just adventures that he gets sucked into in a big way, and we get to enjoy Reacher in a new world. It may not have anything to do with family, with his past, he’s just living that adventure out and that’s kind of the direction that we’ve gone and it seems to really be working.”

That sounds more akin to the Reacher we saw in the first season, plus the mention of a ‘classic’ story suggests one of the earlier works. Ritchson has already teased it’s “one of my favorite” books in the series, and one that is “on every Top 10 list”.

One book it definitely is not is “One Shot” which was the basis of the Tom Cruise Jack Reacher film and which has been mentioned offhand in a bit of dialogue as having already taken place between the first two seasons. The suggestion also likely rules out works like “The Enemy” which go into his past.

Likely candidates therefore include “Worth Dying For,” “Gone Tomorrow,” “Without Fail,” or “Tripwire”.

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