Netflix has announced it is in production of “The One Piece,” a full fledged remake of Eiichiro Oda’s iconic manga and anime series “One Piece”.

WIT Studio, the animation company behind “Spy x Family” and the early seasons of “Attack on Titan,” is handling the animation for the project which is still in the early stages

The goal of the series is reportedly to recreate the story of Oda’s original “One Piece” manga, starting all the way back with the East Blue Saga. Sales of the manga have reportedly exceeded 500 million circulating copies.

That introductory saga, which made up 100 Chapters of the original manga, also served as the source material for the smash hit live-action “One Piece” series adaptation which arrived back in August this year.

Unfolding across the East Blue sea, a young and rather stretchy young man named Monkey D. Luffy pursues his dream of becoming king of the pirates and sets off to recruit a crew and sail to the Grand Line as he hopes to find the hidden treasure of executed pirate king Gold Roger – the ‘One Piece’.

The still ongoing older anime series tackled the East Blue saga across 54 episodes back around 1999-2001. That show is airing its 1088th episode this weekend and recently began the property’s final saga.

The live-action series is slated to begin production on a second season next year. Check out the announcement clip and poster for “The One Piece” anime below.

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