You know those guys who are almost impossibly handsome and successful, with beautiful partners, who then turn out to be really nice people who are also funny, and everyone who works with them says they are a delight? Yeah, those absolute bastards Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum are going to work together on Calamity Hustle at Warner Bros. Pictures.

In yet another Hollywood auction, Warner’s snagged the deal after a week of bids.

The story follows a down-on-his-luck former Los Angeles detective-turned-private investigator who, after being shaken down by a vicious crime lord, must track down his estranged low-level criminal brother who is responsible for interfering with a diamond heist. The story is set around the holiday season and locations are New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

The tone is said to be similar in tone Lethal Weapon and has potential for a franchise. In that case, seriously expect a title change any time soon as no mega-action franchise is being launched off the back of Calamity Hustle as a title. That is the kind of title the writer puts down in a panic the night before their deadline.

The project was created by filmmakers Aaron and Adam Nee, who worked with Tatum on The Lost City. They will write and direct. According to the trades, they chose to stick with this project over the new LEGO movie at Universal so they must have real faith in the project. Warners were up against Amazon and Netflix with their deep pockets, so it has attracted attention.

Deadline reports it has big action set pieces and is looking like a $140 million budget. Reynolds and Tatum will be on back end points for this.

This is not the untitled heist comedy-thriller that Reynolds is working on at Netflix with Shawn Levy on. That is a completely different project.

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