Filmmaker Christopher Nolan earlier this month took an amusing swipe at streaming services whilst teasing the disc release of his recent smash historical epic “Oppenheimer”.

The famed “Inception” and “Tenet” director said it’s important to own a physical media copy of the film so that “no evil streaming service can come steal it from you.”

In a new interview with The Washington Post, he was asked about that comment and said whilst it was a quick fun line at the time, there is some serious thought behind it too:

“It was a joke when I said it. But nothing’s a joke when it’s transcribed onto the internet. There is a danger, these days, that if things only exist in the streaming version they do get taken down, they come and go.”

The past year has seen the major SVOD service yanking original titles from their services to license out to rivals and other services, and in some cases straight up yank them altogether.

Beloved filmmaker Guillermo del Toro shared Nolan’s recent quotes on X along with his own take:

“Physical media is almost a Fahrenheit 451 (where people memorized entire books and thus became the book they loved) level of responsibility. If you own a great 4K HD, Blu-ray, DVD etc etc of a film or films you love…you are the custodian of those films for generations to come.”

Nolan has said in past interviews how he spent a long time preparing “Oppenheimer” for home release – aiming to make the Blu-ray look as good as it can be.

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