Out promoting the theatrical release of his new film “The Killer” in cinemas today, filmmaker David Fincher has revealed that he’s talked with writer Aaron Sorkin regarding a potential “The Social Network 2”.

Speaking with The Guardian, he was asked about where he goes next with the newspaper writer suggesting “The Social Network” deserves a sequel given everything that’s happened with Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg since.

Fincher responded with the cryptic: “Aaron [Sorkin, who wrote the film] and I have talked about it, but, um … that’s a can of worms.” Sadly Fincher wouldn’t elaborate or lock down anything for his next project just yet, saying: “I never know where I’m headed. And I like being lost.”

That’s not the only film he talked about in the interview. Another was a failed “Spider-Man” concept he did back in 1999 before Sam Raimi launched the first of his “Spider-Man” films

Fincher tells the paper his version would’ve skipped Spider-Man’s origin story and focused on an adult Peter Parker. The studio wasn’t interested:

“They weren’t f—ing interested, and I get it. They were like: ‘Why would you want to eviscerate the origin story?’ And I was like: ‘Cos it’s dumb?’

That origin story means a lot of things to a lot of people, but I looked at it, and I was like: ‘A red and blue spider?’ There’s a lot of things I can do in my life, and that’s just not one of them.”

Fincher’s new film is the Michael Fassbender-led assassin thriller “The Killer” which releases in select cinemas today before it streams on Netflix from November 10th.

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