Filmmaker Taika Waititi seems to be done with the “Thor” franchise following his work directing the third and fourth films in that Marvel series.

Speaking to Business Insider, Waititi was asked if he was involved at all in the future of the franchise, including a rumored fifth film in development.

Waititi says: “I wouldn’t know if that’s accurate. I know that I won’t be involved.” He adds he is looking “to concentrate on these other films that I’ve signed on for.”

Waititi’s “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017 was seen as a saviour of that franchise. Kenneth Branagh’s first film has its fans but also issues, whilst Alan Taylor’s “Thor: The Dark World” usually sits right at or near the bottom of MCU film rankings.

Critics and audiences embraced Waititi’s comedic take with the third film which grossed $855 million worldwide and landed rave reviews. Last year’s fourth film “Thor: Love and Thunder” wasn’t so well received with mixed reviews and plenty of criticisms over its tone, script, jokes and visual effects quality.

It’s not clear where the franchise will go from this point and previously star Chris Hemsworth has indicated he’s not sure when or even if he’ll return as Thor.

Separately, Waititi also tells ET Online that he’s taking his time with the development of his “Star Wars” project and his current work is taking precedence:

“At the moment, I’m still developing something with them. Like me, they have a lot of projects going on. I think they’re gonna push it until I finish these other projects. I’ve got about four other scripts that I’m trying to finish. My thing is I want to take my time with that and get it right. I don’t want to rush this movie.”

This fits in with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy who revealed earlier this year the film would be made ‘one day’.

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