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Emilio Estevez is back at it with more talk of Young Guns sequels. It was just last year that news was sparked of a third installment in the Brushy Bill franchise which with talk reinvigorated by Lou Diamond Philips last week. It seems that they’ve somehow worked out a way to continue the story of Estevez’s character and potentially a return for some of his former (dead) pals. Now, Emilio says that they actually have ideas for three more films once some disputes over the IP are finalized and cleared. 

When speaking with UPROXX, he had this to say:

“It all comes down to the legal minds that work out IP. Listen, I’m ready to go. We have a terrific draft and if we can figure out the copyrights on all of this, and if Morgan Creek can sort of untangle from some of the issues that they’ve got in terms of continuing the franchise, we’re ready to go. So it’s just a question of when. Of course, I’m not getting any younger, so I think we’ll drop the ‘young’ from the title.”

He also noted that the revitalization of the Western genre will definitely help get the project(s) going. 

He added:

“Brushy Bill Roberts aka Billy the Kid, he fought alongside Pancho Villa in the Mexican Revolution. He was with Teddy Roosevelt at the Battle of San Juan Hill. Here’s a guy that was born with the advent of the Gatling Gun and died in 1950 during the Atomic Age. I mean, think about what he saw over the course of his lifetime! And that really begs, I think , not only just one more film in the franchise, but I think you could do three, four and five.”

Whether any of this happens remains to be seen. It’s been decades since the last Young Guns movie. If rights issues get solved, it could still take several years to see a project go into production. 


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