Nielsen has dropped the latest viewing figures for the streaming world, and it is good news for Amazon Prime. Fallout was huge.

It is the first Amazon show to top the Nielsen Streaming Charts three times, with 1.5 billion minutes streamed even over April 22nd-28th, the third week on release. The previous top Amazon show – Reacher – failed to do this even in its second season.

Industry watchers, including those at TV Line who published an article on these figures, say this may have settled the weekly release vs. binge-watch debate. Many viewers felt Reacher suffered having it’s second season released weekly, vs. the first that all arrived at once.

Fallout was released for binging, and it went large and stayed there.

Over at Netflix, they released the latest version of their own report, titled What We Watched. This time it covered the period July-December 2023. The winner was clear. The live-action adaptation of One Piece was their most-watched single season on the service over this period.

The show also drove increased viewing numbers for the One Piece anime series.

Audiences reportedly watched 90 billion hours of Netflix content for the six month span. Binge-watches of older shows also remain popular, with Suits riding high, but scoring lower as the calculations take into account the length of the series vs. a limited event, or a movie.

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