The beginning of the new season of Doctor Who is getting closer, so a second trailer has dropped. This will be Ncuti Gatwa’s first full season as the new Doctor after his cameo appearance in David Tennant’s final special 50th-anniversary episode, and the Christmas special.

Gatwa made a good impression on his debut and seems like he could be fun.

This new version is now a co-production between the BBC and Disney+ and will follow the Doctor and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) as they embark on a new set of adventures across space and time.

The cash injection from Disney is evident in everything we have seen about the new season, with more money to spend on sets and effects. Will this be an issue, as Doctor Who always got by on its rather shakey, low-budget charm for years.

Along with the budget boost, many guest stars will appear this season, including Jonathan Groff, Indira Varma, Golda Rosheuvel, and Jinkx Monsoon.

The season is being referred to as Season 1, despite there being 13 seasons and five Doctors since the 2005 return alone! This is because the season is designed to be a good entry point for people who may not have seen much Doctor Who before, so if you were thinking of jumping in, this might be the time.

The episode titles and writers have also been revealed. Former showrunner Steven Moffat is penning the third episode – Boom – with Kate Herron and Briony Redman writing the sixth episode, called Rogue.

All of the other episodes are the work fo showrunner Russell T Davies. Space Babies, The Devil’s Chord, 73 Yards, Dot and Bubble, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, and Empire of Death.

The new season of Doctor Who arrives on Friday, May 10th on Disney+. Episodes then roll out on BBC One and iPlayer.


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