In the wake of the news this afternoon of the sudden death of 27-year-old actor Chance Perdomo, Deadline has confirmed that production on the second season of Amazon Prime Video’s “Gen V” has been delayed indefinitely.

The trade indicates the cast and producers were set to reconvene for the new season’s first table read this afternoon ahead of the start of filming on Monday April 8th in Toronto. Instead, they learned the news of Perdomo’s death in a motorcycle accident.

Specifics are still unknown but he is believed to have died late last night or early this morning in Upstate New York. Additionally, it has been reported that no other individuals were involved in the crash.

Perdomo had the second biggest role in the series as Andre Anderson, a popular Godolkin University student with magnetic manipulation capabilities. He was behind only lead actress Jaz Sinclair on the call sheet.

So the production team will either have to massively overhaul the new season and redo all scripts to write the character off, or recast the role. Either way, a significant delay was inevitable in the wake of the tragedy.

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