There have been endless attempts to relaunch Star Trek onto the big screen since Star Trek Beyond in 2016. Everything from a Quentin Tarantino project to about five separate Kelvin timeline continuations has been floated at various times.

Now might be the best chance. Cost related to cast salaries was rumored to be a sticking point before. Chris Pine’s career has not quite hit the heights many expected. Zachary Quinto, after looking like the next big thing, has all but vanished. Zoe Saldana, John Cho, and Karl Urban have retreated to TV. Simon Pegg’s Mission: Impossible gig is ending, and Anton Yelchin sadly passed away. Suddenly, it all seems more affordable.

According to a report in Variety they are about to have another go. The Flight Attendant series creator Steve Yockey has been set as writer for a fourth movie in the Kelvin timeline that will serve as an end to the arc. The actors themselves are now in their late 40s or even 50s, so no longer the young version of the cast. Also probably the right age to play the command crew of a starship.

Further plot specifics about the new entry remain limited.

Yockey is a playwright who also works on TV. He worked on Supernatural for four seasons and will soon launch Netflix’s Dead Boy Detectives.

The project is separate from the other Star Trek project that Seth Grahame-Smith and director Toby Haynes are developing. This is rumored to be a semi-origin story for the entire franchise, which confuses us as we thought that is what Enterprise was?

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