The Fear Street movies, Part 1: 1994, Part 2: 1978, and Part 3: 1666 were a hit on Netflix. Personally, I thought they were hilariously bad, but there’s no accounting for taste.

After the trilogy of movies from 2021, a new Fear Street is on the way, entitled Fear Street: Prom Queen. Reports say that it’s gone into production and the cast has already been sent on set. This includes Katherine Waterstone, Ariana Greenblatt, Lili Taylor, Chris Klien, India Flower, Fina Strazza, and Ella Rubin.

Author R. L. Stone has written over 100 books within the Fear Street universe. How do you keep a series fresh after 100 stories? I’m guessing, not very well. They are written for young adults, which is like shooting fish in a barrel.

The official synopsis for the movie is:

Fear Street: Prom Queen takes us back to the town of Shadyside, Ohio, where prom season at Shadyside High is underway and the school’s wolfpack of It Girls is busy with its usual sweet and vicious campaigns for the crown. But when a gutsy outsider is unexpectedly nominated to the court, and the other girls start mysteriously disappearing, the class of ’88 is suddenly in for one hell of a prom night.

Written For Young Adults

I watched, and reviewed, all three of the Fear Street movies and they had so many issues. I think it was 1978 when half the story was recalled by one of the cast, even though she wasn’t present for most of the events that took place.

I think it was the same movie where one of the cast was possessed by a ghost or something. So they tie her up to a radiator and then tell an hour-and-a-half-long story. I forget the rest now, but you could tell they were written for young adults, simpletons if you like.

At least there are about 100 other Fear Street movies to look forward to in the series.

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