Disney Branded Television has announced that the first extended-length special of the hit series “Bluey” will premiere in the U.S. on the same day as it world premieres in Australia – April 14th.

The 28-minute special titled “The Sign,” which runs four times as long as an average episode of the cartoon, will be preceded the week prior by a new standard-length episode “Ghostbasket” on April 7th.

The episodes will premiere at midnight US-PDT on Disney+ and at 7am on Disney Jr. on their respective days. Rove McManus, Deborah Mailman, Brendan Williams and Joel Edgerton guest star in the special episode.

According to Nielsen, “Bluey” is the No. 1 most-streamed series in the United States across all audiences for 2024 and the No. 1 series for preschoolers and kids overall in the United States.

In 2023, the animated series sensation racked up 43.9 billion viewing minutes – making it the No. 1 series for preschoolers and kids and the No. 2 most-streamed series across all audiences in the United States.

The show has become one of Australia’s most successful cultural exports and is watched by adults and children alike around the world.

U.S. Trailer

Australian Trailer

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