Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is the big blockbuster hitting theaters next. It opens on Friday pretty much worldwide. Director Adam Wingard has been on the promo tour and, as is now traditional for directors it seems, he got asked what his next project might be.

In an interview with ComicBookMovie.com, Wingard was asked about Thundercats, a project he has been linked with for some time with his long-time writing partner Simon Barrett:

“Simon and I are still actively working on the script. We finished our last draft basically right when I was going into production on [The New Empire] and we just had to put everything on hold. Right now, we’re actively working on it again. So whether that means that’s the next thing I do or…I’m not sure. But it’s definitely one of the top priorities I have right now in terms of working on a script.”

The 80s cartoon staple and toy line promoter featured a race of humanoid warrior cats who crash-land on Third Earth, and end up locked in battle with the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra. The cartoon was created by Rankin Bass.

Wingard on the set of Godzilla vs. Kong

Meanwhile, he told DiscussingFilm that he might be drawn to a third Godzilla vs. Kong movie:

“The whole idea that if you’ve done two movies, like, maybe you should just go ahead and do a third because, as you said, there’s a trilogy in there. I definitely think there’s more story to this, and I think that I have more story to tell. It just depends on how it does and how things kind of shape out… I would be very excited to be able to come back on for another one if things worked out!.”

Wingard also remains attached to a remake of Face/Off.

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