“Licorice Pizza” and “There Will Be Blood” director Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film isn’t coming in cheap.

Filming on the Warner Bros. Pictures project began late January in California, with Anderson having written the contemporary-set script, which was being dubbed the ‘most commercial’ film Anderson has attempted so far.

As a result, it had one of his biggest budgets to date with a figure said to be approaching $100 million. Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn and Regina Hall are the leads of a large ensemble cast that also includes Alana Haim, Wood Harris and Teyana Taylor.

Now, The InSneider is reporting that budgetary figure was off, and in fact the new film is coming in at a whopping budget of $175 million – very costly for a non-franchise project.

That would be a massive gamble on Anderson whose most commercially successful film to date, “There Will Be Blood,” made just $76 million worldwide. However it’s likely this will be a PG-13 affair.

Warners is going all out though with a Summer 2025 release and IMAX rollout planned for the title, with plot specifics under wraps though judging from set photos there’s a lot of car chases involved.

Anderson is also rumored to have worked on the script with his young daughter Lucy. Anderson, Sara Murphy and Adam Somner are producing the film.

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