A new report has emerged suggesting PlayStation is looking into a PS5 remaster of the original “God of War” trilogy of games.

The original games were released in 2005, 2007 and 2010 respectively with the third one playable on current PS5 consoles via a PS4 remaster released in 2015.

The games hail from Santa Monica Studio and followed Kratos, a Spartan warrior and later the Greek God of War, who was tricked into killing his family by his former master, Ares. This sets off a series of events that leads to him declaring war on the Olympian gods.

In 2018 the franchise was revived with a whole different style of gameplay and shifted the action to Norse mythology rather than Greek – along with adding secondary protagonist Atreus.

The new report hails from Xbox scooper Nick Baker, via The XboxEra Podcast who says a remaster may be on the way, and as early as next year:

“I’m a person for a long time has bemoaned the direction God of War went somewhat, and have yearned for the hack n’ slash OG God of War games. I just love them so much.

When I heard this might be happening, I told a friend of mine who also loves the OG God of War trilogy and they got very excited. And I heard we might be getting the OG God of War trilogy remastered on PlayStation.

Now, I’m not 100% sure if it will be announced in 2024 and released in 2024 or released in 2025… that part I’m not clear on, but what I have heard is OG God of War Trilogy remaster.”

Further on he clarifies he doesn’t think it includes the ancillary titles like “God of War: Ascension,” no word either on whom might be handling the remaster. The report does sound speculative though so take it with a grain of salt.

Source: Comicbook.com

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