Artificial intelligence startup OpenAI has reportedly scheduled meetings in Los Angeles next week with Hollywood studios, media executives and talent agencies reports Bloomberg“.

The aim of those meetings? To form partnerships in the entertainment industry and encourage filmmakers to integrate its new AI video generator into their work.

The meetings are said to be the latest round of outreach from OpenAI in recent weeks and follows introductory conversations in Hollywood back in late February led by the company’s COO Brad Lightcap.

Lightcap demonstrated the capabilities of Sora, the still unreleased new service that can generate realistic-looking videos up to about a minute in length based on text prompts from users.

A series of high-definition clips instantly captured the attention of not just Hollywood and Silicon Valley but the world media. Though not public yet, OpenAI has already granted a few big-name actors and directors access to Sora. A spokesperson for OpenAI said in a statement:

“OpenAI has a deliberate strategy of working in collaboration with industry through a process of iterative deployment – rolling out AI advances in phases – in order to ensure safe implementation and to give people an idea of what’s on the horizon. We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with artists and creatives.”

Screenwriters and actors of course went on strike last year partly to seek protections with the use of the technology. Both unions secured some safeguards for how AI is used in the entertainment industry.

The Runway text-to-video service is already being used by professionals at production and animation studios who rely on the tech for previsualization and storyboarding.

OpenAI’s Sora is still in the research preview stage, the company said, and no pricing has been set.

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