It was one year ago that James Gunn and Peter Safran unveiled their plan for Chapter One: Gods And Monsters, of the new DCU. To mark this occasion, Gunn has been on social media engaging with fans again. There was the usual barrage of fan questions and Gunn answered many.

In the course of answering these, he revealed that Creature Commandos episodes are being finsohed up and will air this year, and that Superman Legacy starts filming next month.

He also added, cryptically, that “at least two more projects are gearing up to go in the next couple months” and then confirmed he means entering production, saying:

“…amazing scripts keep coming in, & incredible talent are being attached to new projects, planned & unplanned”.

He was also on Threads, where he maintained that nothing shoots without a completed script in this new DCU. He was also asked how much screen time Milly Alcock will get in Superman: Legacy as the new Supergirl, and he responded:

“I never even said she was in the movie.”

So that is all internet speculation, including from us. So maybe we shouldn’t expect her first reveal in Superman: Legacy after all.

The second season of Gunn’s Peacemaker is rumored to bridge the gap between the DCEU and the DCU, explaining why that character appears in both.


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