Season 4 of True Detective doesn’t seem to be going according to plan. Almost every Outposter who talks about it has a negative view of proceedings. It is well known that Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of the show, isn’t involved in the current fourth season – Night Country – and just scores an Executive Producer credit.

On Instagram, then captured at Reddit and reported by the ever-reliable Dark Horizons, Pizzolatto was keen and clear to distance himself from the production. A fan made a complaint about this season, and he was direct in his response:

“I certainly did not have any input on this story or anything else. Can’t blame me”.

He also addressed the fan rumor that the father of Matthew McConaughey’s character Rust Cohle, from the first season, shows up as a ghost:

“Matthew doesn’t show up, nor would he.”

Now, season 4 writer and director Issa Lopez has responded to these remarks in an interview with Vulture:

“I believe that every storyteller has a very specific, peculiar, and unique relation to the stories they create, and whatever his reactions are, he’s entitled to them. That’s his prerogative.

I wrote this with profound love for the work he made and love for the people that loved it. And it is a reinvention, and it is different, and it’s done with the idea of sitting down around the fire, and [let’s] have some fun and have some feelings and have some thoughts. And anybody that wants to join is welcome.”

True Detective: Night Country, the Alaskan-set six-episode season starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, has divided fans and critics. The new season has a 93% critics score, but only 67% from critics. This is, however, a higher score than everything bar the first season.

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