Australian filmmaker Sam Hargrave, who helmed the two Chris Hemsworth-led “Extraction” films for Netflix, is tackling a whole new project for Paramount Pictures.

Deadline reports that Hargrave is set to direct “Kill Them All,” a film adaptation of the popular graphic novel by Kyle M. Starks. James Coyne, who is currently working on the “Highlander” reboot, will pen the script.

The story follows an elite female assassin who finds out she is scheduled to be killed by the same criminal syndicate she’s been loyal to.

She decides to take them out first and joins forces with a hard-drinking ex-cop who also wants to take them down.

So begins a relentless assault across the fifteen floors of the syndicate’s headquarters and she sets out to reach her ultimate target – The Boss – with whom she has a complicated past.

Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec will produce. Hargrave will next direct and executive produce the pilot episode of Apple TV+ series “The Last Frontier”.

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