Meanwhile, up in the frozen wastes of His Majesty’s Royal Canadia… well, Vancouver, filming has officially begun on TRON: Ares.

The project was pushed out by the writer’s strike and then the actor’s strike. It had started pre-production last summer but was only about four weeks in before it had to pause and the mid-August shooting date became a distant memory.

Things are now back on track, and Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Rønning (Kon-Tiki, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) announced the start of things on Instagram. Now, I am not sure what that is, but the kids tell me it’s very popular.

The story will reportedly focus on the emergence of Ares, a sentient program that crosses over into the human world that is not ready for contact. This means it feels as if the movie may spend more time in reality, rather than the virtual world… which might defeat the point of a TRON movie, but we shall see.

Jared Leto will play the human manifestation of the Ares program. Evan Peters, Greta Lee, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Cameron Monaghan are also part of the cast. No word on returns for Garrett Hedlund or Olivia Wilde so far or, indeed, Jeff Bridges.

Rønning directs from a script by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne.

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