Streaming giant Netflix is reportedly likely set to ditch the ‘Match percentage’ listed in each title in favor of a larger focus on keyword tags reports Indiewire.

The ‘Match’ figure launched in 2021 and is tied to the company’s recommendation engine. The number suggests how closely your taste aligns with specific content – the closer to 100% the more likely the content is for you.

Three years on, what’s becoming more essential and engaging users more are the long-running Tags, buzzwords displayed at the bottom of pop-ups that have been around since Netflix’s DVD days.

The streamer reportedly has thirty full-time employees responsible for the over 3,000 tags with words like ‘romantic’ and ‘exciting’ to more specific phrased like ‘falling in love’.

It’s hardly the first such change to Netflix’s interface when it comes to recommendations. The streamer famously had a star rating system in place until early 2017 when it switched over to a Thumbs up/thumbs down model.

The streamer majorly overhauled its mobile app interface last year to a new ‘all-in-one hub’ which was initially met with a mixed response.

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