The Fast And Furious franchise is now effectively a superhero superspy franchise where the most racially diverse blend of heroes fight international crime through the twin superpowers of Car and Fambly. Hard to believe that it began 24 years ago as Point Break in cars, about a bunch of guys who stole DVD players, based on a 1998 Vibe Magazine article.

If you are the kind of person who finds themselves nursing a semi in an auto parts store, then this franchise is right up your street. For others, they don’t really understand what the fuss is about. Millions of people do like it, though. It is one of Universal’s most successful franchises. It hits the spot somewhere, so many people.

Look how young they all are!

The trouble is, they are not cheap. Fast X cost $340 million and was a loss at the box office. It will be OK with home video sales and rentals, but only just.

The main franchise is expected to end in 2026 with Fast XI. After that, there will still be spin-offs. Hobbs and Shaw 2 has to be part of the plan. However, even Universal understands that the costs cannot remain as high as they have been.

In an interview with Variety, NBCUniversal Studio Chief Donna Langley says that if they continue forward they will have to tone things down:

“Where we go next is a question. We may pivot another time and bring it back to the streets of L.A. and maybe make it a more intimate story.”

She also suggested that it has the potential for streaming spin-offs, similarly at a lower cost. Personally, I would prefer they finally got a reboot / relaunch of Knight Rider to work, rather than Fast And Furious: The Series. However, I am biased as I have been very much enjoying the re-runs of Knight Rider on a classics TV station.

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