Yesterday came the news that “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” was NOT going to be the final voice appearance of the late Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Conroy has been voicing said character since the 1990s across various projects in several mediums from “Batman: The Animated Series” to the “Batman: Arkham” games.

His passing in 2022 led many to believe the new ‘Squad’ game was his final recording work, but then an IGN report indicated Conroy had two further projects – the animated film “Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earth – Part 3” and the in-development Max series “Batman: Caped Crusader”.

Cut to today and Bruce Timm, who co-created the original “Batman: The Animated Series” and is an executive producer on ‘Caped Crusader,’ has reportedly shot down part of that report with a post on saying Conroy was planning to record lines but did not get around to doing any before his passing:

“I have no idea if the CRISIS part of IGN’s supposed scoop is true or not, but Kevin Conroy did not record a voice for CAPED CRUSADER.

We were hoping to have him do a voice for the new show (and he was eager to do it) but sadly he passed away before we could make it happen.

As I have to do every so often, I will remind you all once again to take all un-sourced ‘news’ items in the sci-fi/comics/entertainment cybersphere with a huge grain of salt.”

“Batman: Caped Crusader” is being touted as a spiritual successor to “Batman: The Animated Series”, which makes talk of Conroy’s involvement understandable.

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