Actor Diego Luna has confirmed that filming on the second season of Disney+ and Lucasfilm series “Andor” is coming to an end.

“Andor” was heavily impacted by the strike. Filming began on the new season late 2022 shortly after the first season finished airing, and was expected to run all the way until August 2023 followed by a full year of post-production.

The strikes, however, put a stop to that with filming suspended several times and paused altogether in July due to the actor’s strike with several weeks left to film.

Production began again this month and now Luna confirms to Variety on the red carpet at the Emmys today that he personally has seven days left to shoot on the series and is flying back tomorrow to the UK to finish filming.

The second season will catch the show up to “Rogue One” and end the series, something that’s a big draw for Luna:

“The good thing about ‘Andor’ is we know it has an ending. It’s nice to work knowing there’s an ending. You can aim for something. We’re getting there.”

Due to the delays, the show’s second season isn’t expected to go to air until sometime in early 2025.

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