The Martin Luther King holiday weekend is a busy one of film and TV releases, yet without question, the reaction to almost everything coming out can be summed up in one word – tepid.

On the film front, there are three key cinema releases – the “Mean Girls” musical film, the Jason Statham vs. scammers film “The Beekeeper,” and the religious comedy “The Book of Clarence”.

All three are drawing mixed reviews. The same goes for the Kevin Hart-led direct-to-streaming mid-air heist film “Lift”. On both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic their critics scores are as follows:

“Mean Girls” – 71% (6.4/10) on RT, 59/100 on MC
“The Beekeeper” – 71% (5.9/10) on RT, 53/100 on MC
“The Book of Clarence” – 75% (6.5/10) on RT, 60/100 on MC
“Lift” – 50% (4.9/10) on RT, 42/100 on MC

On the TV front, the story is a little more varied. The “Ted” prequel series and the animated “Grimsburg” drew mixed reviews, Marvel’s “Echo” fared only a little better, “Boy Swallows Universe” got quite decently positive reviews, whilst the Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo-led “Criminal Record” on Apple is drawing very good reviews.

“Ted” – 67% (6.8/10) on RT, 54/100 on MC
“Grimsburg” – 67% on RT, 58/100 on MC
“Echo” – 73% (6.7/10) on RT, 62/100 on MC
“Boy Swallows Universe” – 86% (7.1/10) on RT, 68/100 on MC
“Criminal Record” – 87% (7.6/10) on RT, 74/100 on MC

All however pale compared to some other titles that arrived in late December and are still high on the charts from “Slow Horses” Season 3 (98%), “Reacher” Season 2 (97%) and “Fargo” Season 5 (96%), to films like “All of Us Strangers” (95%), “American Fiction” (93%) and “The Zone of Interest” (91%).

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