Jonathan Majors was a respected actor, with plaudits and awards, before he was cast in the MCU as Kang The Conqueror. That didn’t save him. Majors was fired from the role last month within hours of being found guilty of misdemeanor assault and harassment. Would Kang be removed from the MCU, or would they recast? Then the name of Colman Domingo began to be floated.

Domingo is an Emmy-winning acting veteran, with lots of acclaim for Rustin, and a well-received role in The Color Purple currently being seen. His accolades also include nominations for a Tony Award and Laurence Olivier Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award nomination.

The star of Euphoria was suddenly in the spotlight after “scooper” Daniel RPK, who has a strong track record with Marvel rumors. claimed he’s a contender to take over the role for Marvel Studios.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 54-year-old actor admitted he has heard these rumors, but he has not got any visibility beyond just that, rumors:

“I don’t know, I’m always looking at what I have to do right now… I know there’s talk and conversations around, and I don’t know how much is true. I don’t even get that from my team, I can’t tell if it’s true or not.

The fans are passionate. Somehow my name is out there in the world [and] I like the idea of just having your name called and someone speaking lovingly and kindly about something is a beautiful thing.”

Marvel has pushed several shows and movies further forward into 2025 amid rumors of retooling, so any new approach to Kang will shake out as part of that. Avengers 5 is still The Kang Dynasty so far, so unless that changes then a recasting must be the most likely.

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