In the wake of the release of “The Giggle,” the third and final of the “Doctor Who” 60th anniversary specials, questions are now being asked as to where the franchise will go from here.

The special saw a first for the franchise as the regeneration turned into a ‘bi-generation’, leaving both David Tennant’s 14th Doctor and Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor still alive and separate entities – each with their own TARDIS.

Tennant’s Doctor is seemingly retired to live in domestic bliss on Earth, recovering from the burnout and traumas he’s faced from the companion deaths to the Timeless Child and Flux event of the Whittaker era.

Gatwa’s Doctor is out there exploring the stars and will likely come across the one The Meep referred to as ‘The Boss’ and The Toymaker as ‘The One Who Waits’, neither reference being to The Master who its hinted is also coming back eventually too.

In the wake of the special, questions have understandably been asked as to whether Tennant will be back in new specials or a series alongside Gatwa’s planned seasons and specials.

The BBC hasn’t commented on any further plans beyond the next two Gatwa-led seasons on the way along with Christmas specials for this year and next.

Showrunner Russell T. Davies reportedly says in the in-episode commentary that Tennant’s Doctor is effectively retired so it sounds like there are no plans as yet to do anything with him.

It has also been confirmed that the UNIT trio of Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave), Melanie ‘Mel’ Bush (Bonnie Langford) and Shirley Anne Bingham (Ruth Madeley) will return for the Gatwa-era suggesting the 15th Doctor, not the 14th, will be the one dealing with any potential Earth-ending crises.

A behind-the-scenes episode for “The Giggle” very much bids farewell to old school ‘Who’ and readies things for the new Doctor, with a new clip also released showing off the characters drastically redesigned sonic screwdriver.

Check out both those clips, and a clip of the bi-generation, below. “Doctor Who” will return with this year’s Christmas special on Christmas Day.

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